How to enter the challenges!

Do you want to enter a challenge to win $50 to my shops?  Here's how it works!

At the beginning of the month, I'll post a photo on Facebook of 10 (or more) beads to choose from. Tag yourself in the photo to claim it. The beads are $15 plus shipping ($2.00 anywhere in the world). I'll ship beads out the day after the payment is received. You are not limited to one bead! :)  

Once you receive your bead, make something spectacular with it! It can be anything at all, there's no specific category requirement. Keychain, earrings (asymmetrical! :D), bracelet, necklace, belly chain, anklet, window hanging thingy... up to you!

Send me a photo of the piece or post it on Facebook and tag me in it. I'll save it in my handy dandy designer notebook until it's time to post the voting page :)

Photos are due by the 27th of the month. The voting blog post will go up on the 28th. Send your friends, family and everyone you know to the blog and have them vote for their favorite!

The winner will be announced by voting popularity on the last day of the month. If you're the winner, you have a $50 credit to use as you wish in either my Etsy shop or my Artfire shop!

Come over to my Facebook page to be notified of new beads for sale, sales and coupons, challenges and other announcements!


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