A slight revamp!

Hello everyone! I'm posting because I'm planning a revamp of this blog and a possible website in the future. If you'd like to receive notices of new beads for  sale in the Etsy shop (or the website, possibly), grab the RSS feed and plug it into your favorite reader! I'll be posting here about available sets and beads as they come out of the kiln and have their glamour shot sessions :) I hope you'll visit often and let me know you stopped by! 
I can't believe I went and torched today and forgot to come announce the winner! Voting was over last night at midnight and our winner is Sheila Douglas! Her pooch will be so PROUD! :D

Sheila has won a $50 credit to my shop, I can't wait to see how she uses it! :D

Thanks everyone for voting, I hope we'll be holding a new challenge soon :)
Good afternoon everyone! I've got some absolutely lovely pieces to share with you from the participants in this month's challenge :D  We combined January and February to get a chance to work with some hearts. The designers came up with some beautiful pieces, so let's get started!

The winner of this vote will receive a $50 credit to my shop, Flamekeeper on Etsy, so good luck to all our participants! :D (I have to apologize for all the formatting errors here on the blog, I can't figure out how to get  rid of all the extra lines! :) )

1. Kim Booth of The Pink Martini Boutique
2. Bobbi Moore of Bobbi's Jewelry Shop
3. Cindy Evans of All Strung Up 
4. Lyn Owen of SilverMoonLyn
5. Susan Kennedy of SueBeads
(unavailable for sale)
6.  Sheila Douglas
7. Terry Oostdyk of Ruben Glass
The voting poll is on the top right of the sidebar :) Voting will be open until Tuesday, February 21 at midnight- come back and see who wins on Wednesday! :D
 Again, good luck to all of our designers! :)
Wow, that was a close one! The winner is Kim Booth, with this beautiful bracelet :D

Thank you for playing, everyone! The challenge will come back in January :) Happy holidays to you all!
Here we are, another month into Autumn, and it's time to vote again! We have four entries on this month's Challenge, and the winner will get a $50 credit to my Etsy shop :) Here we go!

1. Kim Booth of The Pink Martini Boutique

2. Jacqueline Day of WitchEver Oak

3. Jude's Jujus of Jude's Jujus

4. Bobbi Moore of Bobbi's Jewelry Shop

Thanks to all the designers this month, good luck to everyone! :D  The next challenge won't be until January :D
Completely unrelated to glass, jewelry or my fantastic designer's challenge winners :D

If you're anything like me, any information about the old practices of herbal healers and the old religion is welcome and devoured. This giveaway caught my eye simply by the title of the book- Old World Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi. Mrs. B. has a copy to give away this week, and I'd love to get ahold of it! :D 

Would you like to give it a shot? Here's a link to her blog!

September's Winner!

The winner this month is Christina Anderson, with her amazing multimedia piece, Vertie Green :D Congratulations, Christina! Enjoy your $50 credit! :D