The Very First Designer's Challenge Post!

It's a voting post! Here's how this works. At the beginning of this month, I made 10 smallish focals and posted them first come, first served. Anyone who bought one of these focals was eligible to send in a photo to be entered in the Designer's Challenge Contest. All of you fine folks who have been directed here should vote on your favorite, because the one who gets the most votes wins a $50 credit in my Etsy or Artfire shop!

Send lots of your friends, let's get votes for everyone!  Now, onto the entries :) Voting is to the right in the sidebar!

2) Erin Laney - EverythingELB on Etsy

3) Jacqui Day - WitchEver Oak

4) Michelle Plumb

5) Jude Williamson - Jude's JuJus on Etsy

6) Sue Dobiesz

7) Arlene Dean - A Glass Bash

And there we have it! Seven entries, all beautiful, waiting for you to decide who wins :D  The poll is on the right, please vote for your favorite!

(also, if anyone has any idea how to get rid of all these extra divider lines... yeah. Let me know?? :D)


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